Ben College Part 1

My name is Ben College and I am a senior, student-athlete at Whitworth University. I am majoring in art with a focus in graphic design. 

Posters helped to act as an introduction to graphic design for me. When I was younger, my walls were plastered with posters of NBA players, hip hop artists and rock stars. As I grew older I realized that I was interested in the composition of the poster, just as much as the figures that were depicted. My interest in the composition of these posters increased and eventually led to my curiosity in graphic design. 

Bodoni, 2019, print, 11×17 inches

The goal of the Bodoni poster was to dive into a classic typeface and learn about its origin and style. Researching the Bodoni typeface brought to light the importance of typography within graphic design. Typography is a crucial tool of graphic design and can be used in a variety of ways. The best typographers are able to combine principles of readability and creativity in order to create intriguing designs using type. This poster also taught me about some of the technical parts of typography. Bodoni is a typeface that is known for its unique, stunning serifs and its elegant contrast between thick and thin strokes. 

Pulp Fiction, 2020, print, 11×17 inches

The goal of the Pulp Fiction poster was to create an event poster of a play, movie or performance. This poster features an illustrative style that I began to adopt in the summer of 2019. As I was searching for an identity within graphic design, I chose this style that allowed me to combine my creativity with my passion for illustration. Combining a modern illustrative style with a classic movie was the primary challenge with this project. I used warm colors and a slab serif title to help tie the vintage movie to my modern illustrations. 

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