Brianna Carbaugh Part 1

Brianna Carbaugh is a graphic designer and photographer from North River, Washington. Her style is clean and simple with a natural aesthetic and attention to detail. Her work explores themes of nature through print media, collage, and photography. In college, Carbaugh received the 2017 Outstanding Art Student Award and two Talent Award Scholarships in 2018-2019. She has an A.A. degree from Grays Harbor College and will earn a B.A. degree in graphic design from Whitworth University in 2020.

Most of my photographs are unedited because I value the authenticity of the originals. This challenges me to take high quality images of each subject as I see them. While I shoot a wide range of subjects and types, I am most interested in close-ups. Macro photography helps me stop and appreciate the tiny details that often go unnoticed in the bustle of life. Hardy Geranium, Hellebore and Trillium are just a few examples. 

Hardy Geranium, 2018, digital photography, size variable

These photos are complementary in style, each one featuring a different flower. All three were taken using a built-in black and white filter and have not been digitally edited. Hardy Geranium is an exploration of the high contrast between light and shadow in a short depth of field. The lack of color combined with this light variation gives the photo a dramatic appearance that enhances the details in the flower’s petals and center. A similar approach was used with the other two photos; however, the contrast is lower because both flowers are softly lit. This allows the speckled petals in Hellebore to be in sharp focus, giving the image a fine, textural quality. In Trillium, emphasis lies at the flower’s center while a side perspective intensifies its unique star shape.

Hellebore, 2020, digital photography, size variable
Trillium, 2020, digital photography, size variable

Find me on Instagram @briannacarbaugh or on the web at

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