Andy Weeks Part 1

My name is Andy Weeks and I am an Arts Administration major, focusing on Leadership Studies and Community Arts. I am originally from the Seattle, WA area, but I have also lived in Basel, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Barrington, IL. As a non-Christian at a Presbyterian University, adjusting to the culture was a unique experience, but in the end, it pushed me to research and provide resources for interfaith and identity expressions of all types. My hope is to, through the use of art and community arts, continue to foster communities of diverse thought and inclusivity at colleges and universities. Through non-profit work or through helping write policy and legislative documents, I wish to help change curriculum to be more inclusive around the United States. 

Interfaith education and interfaith outreach has become a foundational aspect of my Whitworth experience and personal research. During the spring of 2020, Whitworth was slated to host an interfaith conference in coordination with the Neighborly Faith nonprofit (a subsidiary of the Interfaith Youth Core). Sadly, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this conference has been postponed, but that did not stop our team from creating branding for the event which will still take place in the future.

Whitworth Interfaith Coalition Logo, 2020, digital design

The first piece, the Whitworth Interfaith Coalition Logo, combines multiple aspects of historical religious artwork, as well as language that ties it back to Whitworth’s specific vision for the university. The black text around the outer part of the logo is Pseudo-Kufic text, meaning an imitation of Arabic cursive script which was primarily used as decoration during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The interior of the logo is primarily meant to depict a cross, with the multi-colored design referencing the biblical message of hope and promise (Genesis 9:13). Finally, the specific phrasing of ‘Community Building’ is in reference to Whitworth’s vision to create “an inclusive university community fostering in our graduates intercultural competencies and civic engagement for lives of service in a diverse world”; a statement which speaks to core beliefs in Interfaith education as well. 

Interfaith Dialogue Poster, 2020, digital design

The second piece, the Interfaith Dialogue Poster, is used in conjunction with the logo for the Interfaith Coalition in advertising the interfaith conference. This piece, similar to the logo, references Whitworth-specific language while displaying interfaith ideology. 

Find me on on Instagram @andyweeks_official or on the web at

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