Camryn Breneman Part 1

Camryn Breneman is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator at Whitworth University. She focuses on pet portraits and sells her work as commissions on Etsy. She enjoys creating designs that bring joy to the viewer through the expressions of animals.

Cami’s Portrait, 2020, digital design: Procreate, size variable

This piece was for a client who wanted a portrait of their pet bunny, Cami. I used reference photos to replicate the bunny’s patterns in an illustrative manner. I used textured brushes in Procreate to give a soft feel to the piece. As an artist, this piece has challenged me and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone (illustrating dogs and cats). The piece was shared on the clients Instagram page and received 500+ likes, and 100+ comments.

Bunnies Pattern, 2020, digital design: Procreate, size variable

This bunny pattern was created by first illustrating each of the individual bunnies from an Instagram account that reached out to me for a portrait. The client has four bunnies, each having their own unique coloring and features.  I worked to capture these characteristics in a simple, yet accurate way in this piece. The pattern was made by individually laying out the bunnies and copying them around the composition, playing with space and how they relate to each other in the square. This design was also turned into an IPhone background to be used by the client. 

Find me on Instagram @camrynscutecreations or on the web at

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