Daniel Miller Part 1

Born and raised in Spokane Washington, Daniel Miller is a Graphic Design Major, who also minors in Film and Visual Narrative, Mass Communications, and English. His primary focus is using both static and moving images to tell stories which bring viewers closer together. 

Hanging Out, 2018, vector illustration, size variable

I’ve always thought that art should be a tool used to bring people together, and the main way I strive to do that in my work is to create pieces that tell stories. The idea of narratives and storytelling is a reoccurring theme throughout my work as a whole. The two works seen here are both created in Adobe Illustrator, which is what I primarily work with. They are meant to be lighthearted and are inspired by something you might see in a children’s book. Each tells a similar story despite the gap in time in their creation, reflecting on how some things continue to ring true despite how much time has passed. I like to think of them as reminders to not take life too seriously, and that it’s ok to take care of yourself. 

Sweet Dreams, 2020, vector illustration, size variable

Find me on Instagram @danielmillerillustrations

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