Maria Smith Part 1

My name is Maria Smith, and I’m a graphic designer from Seattle, Washington. While I design to fit a variety of platforms, my specialties are environmental graphics and signage solutions. My designs are simple and bold, making them versatile enough to fit into almost any space. When I’m not designing, I’m either drinking coffee or spending time outdoors. 

A logo design workshop gave me an opportunity to completely brand and design graphics for a local Spokane restaurant, Eyvind Restaurant & Bar. While these designs were not used in the actual construction of the restaurant, they are a demonstration of the kinds of work I would like to continue. 

Exterior Neon Sign, 2020, digital design

The design brief provided a darker, jewel-toned color palette and ideas from the 1950s Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. The logo and graphics were heavily inspired by the illustrative aspects of the movie, with a modern twist to make it unique and present. I decided to expand on this project with wall graphics and exterior signage to make it relevant to my current field of work. The appearance and aesthetic of a restaurant has a significant impact on the customer’s experience, so it was important to make sure the environmental graphics were not only eye-catching, but cohesive. 

Business Cards, 2020, digital design
Wall Graphic, 2020, digital design
Menu, 2020, digital design

Find me on Instagram @mariasmithdesigns or on the web at

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