Kurt Blackman Part 1

Hello, I am Kurt Blackman. I am from Walla Walla, WA, I am a 3-Dimensional Art student with a concentration in Ceramics. When I am not in the studio you can find me with friends or playing urban golf.

Bowl, 2019, ceramic, 3.75×5.25×6 inches

You will find a strong attention detail in my work accompanied by complimenting glaze combinations, sleek exterior design and elegant features in the lip and foot of each individual piece. The goal for each of my works is to look well-constructed and hold some sort of use to the owner. 

Cup, 2019, ceramic, 3.75x4x4.25 inches

This is a dish set that I completed in the fall of 2019. I made this set under the impression that making a dish set could really show my true mastery of throwing. Instead it was a test of procedure and patience, knowing when exactly you opened the master bowl, or how tall the master cup is. Either way it was a game of comparing one piece to another, chasing perfection. Upon completion I was fed up with this whole project, beginning to dread coming in to throw. Unless I was working on one of the pitchers or serving bowls. I enjoyed making these much more because I could spend time on one piece, making it its own complete vessel. 

Plate, 2019, ceramic, .75x9x9.75 inches
Serving Bowl, 2019, ceramic, 4.5×8.25×9 inches
Pitcher, 2019, ceramic, 8×7.5×7 inches

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