Colleen Bell Craig Part 1

My name is Colleen Bell Craig, and I am a Human Computer Interaction major with a double-minor in Journalism and Editing. I do a lot of editorial, logo, and advertising design, as well as typography. Most of my work is done in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, but I often use tools like Canva for social media graphics. 

Stewart Hall Shirt, 2016, digital design, 1650×1650 px

While I do look back and cringe at many of my early designs, some works from my freshman and sophomore years are still “good” today. The works shown here are a few of the first “practical” designs of my college career. The squid graphic is one of the first things I designed at Whitworth. It was featured on the Village and Stewart hall sweatshirts that year, as well as on our homecoming banner. The logo is for an alterations and mending business my best friend and I nearly started out of our dorm rooms. These designs came with limitations: the t-shirt needed to be a single color print and not too detailed, the logo needed to be easily scalable and have a classic, timeless feel. For both, simplicity was key. Thus, they represent the beginning of my foray into working within style guides and for clients, and began to turn my artistic style toward the minimalist end of things. The result is works that, years later, I am still proud to show.

Gray and Bell Tailoring Logo, 2018, digital design, 2000×2000 px
Gray and Bell Stationary Mockup, 2018, digital design, 622×822 px

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