Katelyn Rinehart Part 1

Greetings, my name is Katelyn Rinehart. I am a double major in 3D Art with an emphasis in ceramics and Leadership in the Arts with a minor in Community Arts. I transferred to WU in 2018 after attending San Joaquin Delta College, a community college in California, to get my AA in Interdisciplinary Studies. As a 3D artist I have spent much of my time working with different media and I love to explore my creativity using these materials. At heart I am both a potter and a sculptor. When I started doing art in community college I attended a couple ceramics classes and was hooked. When I work with clay it allows me to create artistic and functional pottery. My background in clay has informed my current artwork. Recently, due to the coronavirus, I have lost access to the studio at school, so I have been making art at home and experimenting with new materials. At the moment, I am using air-dry clay which is similar to clay but has different working properties and limitations.

It’s Not All Blue (view 1), 2020, air-dry clay and watercolors, 8x6x3 inches, $125
It’s Not All Blue (view 2), 2020, air-dry clay and watercolors, 8x6x3 inches, $125

This week I am showing two pieces that I made while at home. I have been creating pieces that are mainly abstract, and I see them as a continuation of the pieces that I was working on at school which focused on movement. My knowledge of textures is brought on by my memories of specimens from nature, and as I work I use sketches of circular, organic shapes. The abstraction that is created from my imagination allows me to not focus on any one subject as I work. Then through the creative process the work is abstracted further. The abstraction of the work allows me to experiment with new colors and textures as I explore the full possibilities of the medium.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me through my website. A link can be found at the bottom of this post.

Crawling in Red (view 1), 2020, air-dry clay and acrylics, 6×4.5×3.75 inches, $125
Crawling in Red (view 2), 2020, air-dry clay and acrylics, 6×4.5×3.75 inches, $125

Find me on Instagram @ArtsArum or on the web at https://katelynr545.wixsite.com/mysite

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