Hannah Galbraith Part 2

I love words. I love how they sound, how they come together, but most of all I love how words and letters look. My goal as a designer is to always have attractive, balanced and effective layouts of typography that will cause a viewer to stop and read what is presented. I aim to create eye-catching compositions, full of contrast and color, showing some of my personality as well as the story behind the words from a visual standpoint. As with my photography, I focus on the details, but more importantly on the process. I give each letter my full attention, one by one, until a full image, or word, starts to appear. Hand-lettering and typography are also ways of calming my mind and escaping from the world, only here it’s through writing out my thoughts and influences in a way that is appealing and wonderful. 

Portland City Line, 2019, inkjet on paper, 11×8.5 inches

This piece is close to my heart. Portland is where I grew up, and through this expression of typography I attempted to put all of my memories and good feelings about the city into one place. I used a solely typographical approach, creating illustrations from letters and words arranged in different ways. Each letter of the word “Portland” is made up of graphics based off of a building from the city’s skyline, giving that sense of personality and story. This piece to me says “home,” and I believe that nothing more than words were needed, thus the beauty of typography. 

Handmade Font Poster, 2019, inkjet on paper, 11×17 inches

For this poster I took my own handwriting and I generalized it into a letterform font. This is a presentation of each letter, both capital and lowercase, to show what the whole of the alphabet looks like in my handwriting. The goal with this was to understand my own way of forming letters naturally, and to turn it into something that other people could use. My fascination with typography shows here in that I take specific care to make each letter look both unique and unified with the whole. 

American Typewriter Poster, 2019, inkjet on paper, 11×17 inches

This poster is a representation of the typeface American Typewriter. I did research on its origin, the history of the typeface, its impact and influence on society, and its common use in today’s culture. Through this information, I created a visual representation, with the culmination of my research in short-essay format, as if it were a page being written on a typewriter. I added in parts that were blacked out, because when I think of typewriters, I think of either how much people had to cover up their mistakes with whiteout, or hide certain details, as they did at NASA with confidential documents, by blacking out certain passages. I wanted to give the reader a sense of mystery by adding this element to the design, causing them to wonder what is missing, and hopefully convey just how interesting the legacy this typeface represents. 

Found Type, 2019, photography and inkjet on paper, 11×17 inches

This was a really fun project. Through this I was able to take my knowledge of typography into my everyday world. The basis of it was to pick a theme, and find every single letter of the alphabet within that theme. I chose to focus on the kitchen and the utensils and appliances used in that setting. I love to cook, and combining my love of cooking with my love of typography made this project extremely enjoyable, and somewhat surprising. It surprised me how complex our world is, and how in the most mundane things you can find something wonderful. This was a study in looking beyond my conditional view of seeing the world, and finding the potential for art and beauty, and words, where their presumably is none. 

Heart Beating (still), 2019, digital animation

This was my first attempt at animating type. The process of this piece was difficult, learning a new program and working through the complexities of it. The designing of the word “heart” was not difficult, but rather second-nature to me at this point, it was the animation that really pushed me to take this design to the next level. The animation brought my design to life. Please click on the image above to be directed to my website where you can see it in action.

Find me on the web at https://hgalbraith20.wixsite.com/mysite

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