Ben College Part 2

Tory Lanez Map, 2019, print, 17×11 inches

The Tory Lanez Map is a concert poster for Tory’s 2017 tour across America featuring his newest album: Memories Don’t Die. I continued to explore my illustrative style in the production of this poster. I was challenged to combine my illustrations with a mapping concept. This project continued to push me as a designer because it required information to be conveyed through an aesthetic that aligns with the artist. I achieved this by connecting Tory Lanez to the map using warm colors and similar linear strokes. 

Home Is Where the Hole Is, 2019, print installation, 25×36 inches

Home Is Where the Hole Is challenged me to incorporate my design work into an installation piece. The hole in the wall represents an action of anger and aggression. This project represents overcoming anger and turning something angry into a piece about friendship and comradery using light-hearted illustration. I used to struggle with controlling negative emotions, however, I have overcome emotional issues through perseverance and dedication to bettering myself. This installation is also a representation of overcoming struggles with frustration and anger. 

BC, 2019, print, 5×7 inches
Bob, 2019, print, 5×7 inches
James, 2019, print, 5×7 inches
Zay, 2019, print, 5×7 inches
Kea, 2019, print, 5×7 inches
Reedo, 2019, print, 5×7 inches

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