Rachel Prior Part 2

Fear that Grows Up with You, 2019, linocut, Copic marker and metal leaf, 12×5.5 inches

These works continue my pursuit of expressing emotion through interior and exterior environments. These three, however, delve more specifically into the theme of childhood and how its lingering impact can have a profoundly melancholic effect on our emotions as adults. Fear that Grows Up with You for instance, features a My Little Pony (a toy I was quite enamored with as a child) portrayed as massively over-sized with dead pupil-less eyes and pink and silver metal leaf giving it a whimsical glimmer. The pony is an emblem of childhood, but now stands in discomforting contrast with the flatter, more somber-toned surroundings. It is both nostalgic and frightening, and dominates the space it occupies. 

Isolation, 2020, oil and glitter on canvas, 18×24 inches

Isolation reflects the strange dichotomy that often arises from being a deeply sensitive and intensely emotional person. For me, this means that childish wonder and powerful excitement for life allow imaginative dreaminess to flourish, and enthusiasm over sailboats, pretty trinkets, and glitter to spark great joy. The intensity of my emotions, however, can run in the other direction as well, and sometimes lead to less than healthy coping mechanisms and flare ups of debilitating fear and sadness. 

Securely Adrift, 2020, oil on canvas, 28×28 inches

Securely Adrift is a painting in which I allowed my inner child to take over while painting the environment around the houseboats. My intention was to create a joyous, colorful space from which to view the childishly magical world as it moves around you. While this effect is strong, and the cotton candy clouds and metallic stars and moon are very potent in their sweetness, the difficulty and turmoil of life is still present. Both boats are tilted and do not appear to be peacefully drifting on the large, dark waves.

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