Kurt Blackman Part 2

Bottle Necked Vase, 2019, ceramic, 10×5.25×4.75 inches

This shape took me many, many tries to accomplish. I necked the bottle in at the top to add variation in the body of the vessel. These glazes were chosen to not overpower but instead compliment what’s within.  This vessel has been used to hold many bouquets of flowers and is awaiting another. 

Serving Bowl, 2019, ceramic, 4×8.5×10 inches

For the profile of this serving bowl I really wanted it to appear to lift off of the table. By adding a tall foot, the bowl will elevate whatever lies inside for the user. I chose these colors because not only do they blend really well together, they also compliment while not overpowering the deliciousness within.

Lumpy Pitcher, 2019, ceramic, 8×6.5×7 inches

This pitcher was made during the exploration of adding and subtracting clay. I left the top untouched. Moving down the vessel I used a wire to remove parts of the outer wall. This carving adds a simple flare to the piece.

All three of these works compliment what I seek to achieve in my work, simple but impactful changes that tailor to what lies inside the vessel. 

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