Colleen Bell Craig Part 2

As I progressed in my education, I began to work on more advertising and marketing projects. In the fall of 2018, I had the opportunity to work for an outside client, Whitworth Church, creating a marketing suite for their kids’ program. After meeting several times with the children’s director, Cara Cavicchia, setting out expectations, desires, and needs, I produced the flier shown here. Cara loved it, and it also won a 2019 Spark Award from the Spokane MarCom Association.

Whitworth Church Kids Calendar Flier, 2018, digital design, 4.75×11 inches

I’ve also done some advertising work for my own activities and projects. The bookHoard ad shown here was a project pitch for my Mobile Applications Development class, the proposed app being a literature-based social media platform. The other ad is for the Whitworthian, Whitworth’s student newspaper. For the last three years I have edited and managed digital content for the paper, which has included ad work. In the production of ads like these, I often use stock photography as a placeholder, but the final product shown here uses my own photography. 

BookHoard Ad, 2020, photography and digital design, 1080×1080 px
Whitworthian Writer Ad, 2019, photography and digital design, 1080×1080 px

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