Hannah Galbraith Part 3

Horizontal 2, 2020, photography, size variable

These photographs are a continuation of the series that included the images Light 1-4 from my first post. The idea of focusing on the process is still important, as is the emphasis on light and shadows. However, I added a specific attention to texture for this set that I was not as concerned with in the first. I searched for mundane surfaces around me that had an intriguing texture and feel to them, showing the grittiness of the world. I also decided to focus on horizontal lines for this portion of the series, hence the names Horizontal 1-4. This set is darker than the first, but I have continued to simplify the subject matter in an attempt to remove the necessity of constantly knowing from the equation, whether that be in life or in art making. Once again my aim with these photographs is to create a method of calming the mind, both in creating and looking at them. I have found this ongoing series to be helpful in both my artistic discipline and my overall wellbeing, and I plan to continue working on it for a long time. 

Horizontal 4, 2020, photography, size variable
Horizontal 3, 2020, photography, size variable
Horizontal 1, 2020, photography, size variable

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