Rebecca Young Part 3

Disappointment I, 2019, acrylic on panel, 24×48 inches
Disappointment II, 2019, acrylic on plaster, 11×12.5×12.5 inches
Disappointment III, 2020, pastel and graphite on paper, 19.5×25.5 inches

Observe what surrounds
In through eyes, into the brain
and out through the hands

Though hands are weakened
from previous profession
…genetics as well

But that can’t be all
I bring experience 
and combine the two!

The observation
Undergoes evolution
I build it myself

Paint, plaster, and clay
Create the celebration

Three dimensional
Almost like the real thing, then
Two dimensional

Fashioning a dream
hopefulness and delight
Real and make believe

Different mediums
Draw from past to create new
This won’t taste as good

Fowl Dessert I, 2020, pastel and charcoal on paper, 30×22 inches
Fowl Dessert II, 2020, acrylic on air-dry clay, 4.5×7.25×6.5 inches (slice) 5x8x7.75 inches (cake)

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