Brianna Carbaugh Part 3

My logo designs showcase my preferred style of using simple, clean graphics to fulfill the client’s objectives for brand identity. 

GHC Fish Lab, 2018, digital design, size variable

Commissioned for the fish lab at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington, the GHC Fish Lab logo was my first freelance project. The goal was to update and simplify the existing logo, while clearly highlighting the combination of fish and science. The salmon, fishing line and DNA strand were elements I incorporated from the original logo. In addition, the concentric circles, typefaces and varying letter sizes mimic Grays Harbor College’s official emblem. 

GHC Fish Lab T-Shirt Mockup
Oleum Logo, 2020, digital design, size variable

The Oleum logo was designed for a fictional company that specializes in an organic line of cleaning products. The drooping leaf incorporated into the “O” and flowing script font represent the natural ingredients used in the products. This is emphasized further with the mint blue color – a symbol of freshness – that drives home the company’s values. The accompanying style guide allows the client to use this logo and exact color palette to keep the brand identity uniform. 

Oleum, 2020, digital design, size variable
Oleum, 2020, digital design, size variable

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