Andy Weeks Part 3

Place Making, 2019, screen print, 10×11 inches

Building community is a foundational part of Whitworth culture and it is brought into every aspect of campus life. This year, as the Design Editor for the Whitworth Natsihi Yearbook, this was the overarching theme that was identified for us by our Editor in Chief, Madisen Montivino. Running with this concept and the visual component of the campus map, I designed 6 spreads to match the divided sections of the book. These titles, Place Making, Academic Buildings, Community Spaces, Athletic Fields, Residence Halls, and Beyond Campus, are lined up to guide you through important aspects of campus life and identify Whitworth’s intentional community building attitude. These designs were originally created digitally, but screen prints show the standalone compositions, not distracted by other elements from the yearbook spreads. These graphics are taken from the actual Whitworth map, but highlight the specific sections of campus that are big parts of Whitworth’s Culture. The overall title, Place Making, was identified as an alternative phrasing of “community building” and is a key phrase that is used in academic research on topics concerning campus life in the United States. A lot of thought went into the conceptualization and creation of these pieces and they underwent much trial and error before reaching the final iterations. The result is my series of 6 unique Whitworth campus map designs, all of which will also appear in the 2019-2020 Whitworth Natsihi Yearbook, the printing of which has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Academic Buildings, 2019, screen print, 10×11 inches
Community Spaces, 2019, screen print, 10×11 inches
Athletic Fields, 2019, screen print, 10×11 inches
Residence Halls, 2020, screen print, 10×11 inches
Beyond Campus, 2020, screen print, 10×11 inches

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