Camryn Breneman Part 3

Alice In Wonderland Book Cover (front), 2019, print, 6×9 inches
Alice In Wonderland Initial Cap, 2019, digital design

Each book cover was designed using Procreate, my iPad, and my iPencil. The Alice in Wonderland Book Cover was based off of a vintage cover I found online where Alice is taking a bite from the mushroom. I recreated this cover in a modern fashion using an illustrative style and bright color pallet. I let my creativity flow when it came to drawing the plants to create the feel of wonderland. As for the Poppy cover, I created a narrative on the cover that leads the viewer into the book with design principles. Poppy, the main character, is a mouse who lives in the forest. This book is about her adventures. I have her pointing her needle towards the beginning of the book, and I have the owl swooping down on her. This creates the visual narrative that encourages the viewer to open up the book. The plants are more strategically placed to create visual interest in relation to the characters.

Poppy Book Cover (front), 2020, print, 6×9 inches
Poppy Book Cover (full), 2020, print, 22×9 inches

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