Maria Smith Part 3

Night Owls Coffee Shop

Two things I’m known for: drinking too much coffee and not getting enough sleep. This led to the idea behind Night Owls, a fictional coffee shop that opens at 5pm and closes at 9am for the “night owls” like me. The style was inspired by the hipster cultures of Seattle and Portland, along with the outdoorsy vibe of the Pacific Northwest.

Exterior Overhead Sign, 2019, digital media
Interior Accent Wall, 2019, digital media

The goal was to create a chill, peaceful environment primarily for college students to pull all-nighters and finish their projects and papers. This project expresses the grungier side of my personal style, with chalkboards and exposed brick being key components to the aesthetic of the shop. The combination of script and typewriter fonts also contributes to the grungier style.

Outdoor Chalk Sign, 2019, digital media
Overhead Menu, 2019, digital media
Coffee Cups, 2019, digital media

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