Kurt Blackman Part 3

Freedom of Speech, 2017, fused glass, 10×10 inches

This piece was inspired by something I find immense value in, the freedom of speech. I see this as a luxury that’s both crippling and uplifting; Speech can be used to diminish, insult, ridicule, encourage, exasperate, the possibilities are endless. As one of my only pieces that has a conceptual meaning behind It. I figured it was best to include this into my blog as an artist to give you a glimpse into what I find value in. 

Black and White Plate, 2017, fused glass, 10×10 inches

This was a piece I made in my first year of college. Being new to all the courses Whitworth had to offer really allowed me to explore my style of art. I chose these colors due to the contrast between them all. This is important to my art and design because this is a simple pattern accompanied by a simple color scheme, yet it gets used at every Christmas party. 

Small Glass Dish, 2017, fused glass, .5x3x10 inches

This was made for an assignment in the beginning glass my freshman year. The piece turned out exactly how I wanted, the bright colors in the middle being surrounded by the clear glass adds view to what lies beneath the glass dish. This is another favorite when looking for a veggie or cookie tray.  

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