Katelyn Rinehart Part 3

Bursting in Blue (view 1), 2020, air-dry clay and acrylic, 8.5x5x4.5 inches, $125

This week, my first piece was made as a compliment to one that was shown in my previous blog post, Bursts of Rays. I call this piece Bursting in Blue. It is a colorful piece painted in blue and carefully layered in various colors which gives it a bright and chill vibe. When I was making this little beast, I worked to create spikes all over the body. Because of the spikes it can be moved and arranged to stand in different positions. I like to think that it almost looks as if it has a life of its own. While I have been making these things over the past few weeks, I like to imagine them crawling off to hide.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me through my website. A link can be found at the bottom of this post.

Bursting in Blue (view 2), 2020, air-dry clay and acrylic, 8.5x5x4.5 inches, $125
Bursting in Blue (view 3), 2020, air-dry clay and acrylic, 8.5x5x4.5 inches, $125

This watercolor is part of a design that I worked on last week for an idea produced from another of my art classes. Since the shutdown, all my classes have had to do a 180° shift and determine how to switch up classes so that they could work online. I have now had the joy of practicing my painting with watercolors over these couple months. I really love how this painting came out, so I wanted to include it this week. I love nature and I often incorporate nature and landscape scenes into my art.

The Dark Forest, 2020, watercolor and ink, 12×9 inches

Find me on Instagram @ArtsArum or on the web at https://katelynr545.wixsite.com/mysite

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