Hannah Galbraith Part 4

PlumCrazy Photography Logo, 2019, digital design – Adobe Illustrator, size variable

I created this logo for PlumCrazy Photography last summer, and it was the first full project I had done with branding, from conceptualization to completion. It was a great process of discussing with the client what was needed, and then taking the thoughts and ideas that they had envisioned for their company and representing them in a visual way. 

Century Theatre Production CD Design, 2020, print on CD, 120mm diameter

This was a project I designed for my old high school’s recording of their spring production of The Little Mermaid. Due to COVID-19 regulations and closures, they were only able to perform on opening night before the rest of their season was shut down. They were, however, given permission to do one last performance of the play without an audience in order to record it. I had the privilege of designing the artwork for the cover of the CD. My brother is a senior this year and it was his last performance in the pit orchestra with the school. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this experience with him, and creating the cover design was a lot of fun. The shape of the CD definitely posed some challenges initially, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone as an artist, and I believe that is important. I partnered with PlumCrazy Photography, the company that produced the video, to finish the design. 

The Green Machine Podcast YouTube Banner and Logo, 2020, visual format design – Illustrator, 2560×1440 pixels

This was commissioned by a family friend and his Podcast team in Utah. The hand design and inner circle of the logo was already established by the time I got to the project, but I created all other aspects of the design. I set the text in the arc of the logo and added the outer rings, and I created the YouTube banner from scratch. This freelance job was a great exercise in communication with a client and how to complete work in a professional and timely manner. 

Freshly Squeezed, 2020, digital art – Procreate, size variable

I was recently gifted an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a graduation gift, and I have been creating illustrative designs like crazy. I find this method to be a great way to combine my interest in illustration with my love for typography in fun and engaging artworks. I hope to use this new tool in the future to aid in my branding and logo creations, possibly transferring designs I create on my iPad to Illustrator and turning them into vectors to add more of a hand-drawn feel to some of my designs. 

Grow Where You Are Planted, 2020, digital art – Procreate, size variable

This was another product of my new iPad and is another example of the combination of illustrative images with text to present a message to the viewer. Being able to focus on the details of a design through the hands-on approach of using the iPad has been extremely helpful in my design work. 

Find me on the web at https://hgalbraith20.wixsite.com/mysite

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