Ben College Part 4

Strick City, 2019, print, 24×7 inches

This design is dedicated to a late friend and teammate Deante Strickland. Some of my fondest memories with Deante were playing basketball all over the Portland area. Whether it was working out in the muggy SEI gym or playing a high school game at Central Catholic, Tae was always running circles around defenders. The silhouette depicts Deante’s number “11” emerging out of the Portland skyline. I created one of my light-hearted illustrations of Deante to represent his laid-back character and contagious smile. I also included the quote by Martin Luther King Jr to represent the perseverance that Deante displayed throughout his life. He persevered through people that doubted his short stature, his attitude and his dedication to academics. After two years of junior college ball Deante played for two years at Portland State before graduating. He was planning to go back to school to earn a masters and play a season of football at Portland State before he passed. 

J. Bloome, 2020, digital design

J. Bloome is a mock floral event and décor company. I used my illustration style to create a logo that people will associate with the company. My greatest challenge was to combine simplicity with uniqueness. I tried to accomplish this by using soft lines and a limited color palette. I used a limited color palette with the peach and cream. I used splashes of green to make the brand more dimensional. Color is important to this design, however it can also be displayed in black and white without losing the association to the company. 

J. Bloome, 2020, print, 3×5 inches

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