Andy Weeks Part 4

Topics that have interested me and influenced my artwork have encompassed many academic fields. The main thing I have come to recognize about myself is that, though strenuous at times, the research used to discover meaning within the work I create is the most impactful part of the creative process. I never really know where these theories will take me, but the ability to quickly edit and create art in large quantities is what mainly drew my interest towards screen-printing.

Cube Base, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches

Printmaking has been the most influential studio course that I have taken during my career at Whitworth, influencing the research and interests I have continued to pursue. Being given the option to repeatedly take the class for credit has only aided my effectiveness in creating and developing ideas through the printmaking process.  

The prints included in this post are one of the initial trial-and-error process prints I went through to learn about the relationship between different 2D objects.  They explore how orientation can change our perception of the objects. The initial idea was that these different shapes would help create a perceived 3D cube on the 2D page. Most of the research I did on this topic took me in the direction of phenomenology and Philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, as well as artists Josef Albers and Robert Mangold. The combination of these sources and the creative process is what led to different iterations and designs in this series, as well as influenced my need for in-depth research throughout my creative process. This impacted not only my artwork but also my entire Whitworth experience, making the liberal arts experience even more crucial for my education. 

Cube Two, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches
Cube Three, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches
Cube B, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches
Cube C, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches
Cube D, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches
Cube D.1, 2018, screen print, 8×8 inches

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