Katelyn Rinehart Part 4

Teapot, 2018, ceramic, 11x4x12 inches

I made this teapot when I was a junior in college. I wanted to create an artwork that was expressive and unique but also functional. As I built up the clay, I learned a lot about myself as an artist and I had a chance to experiment with different ways to create textures in clay. One of my favorite parts of this teapot is the spout. The design on the spout was inspired by woodworking patterns I found on Pinterest. I feel that this piece accurately represents me as an artist. I deeply appreciate that with clay I can create art that has a functional use in life.

Large Vase, 2018, ceramic, 20x7x5 inches

This pot was made as a challenge to myself as I was learning how to throw clay on the wheel. I wanted to see if I could accomplish something that would challenge and push my skills. This is still by far the largest piece that I have made on the wheel.

Raku Vase, 2017, ceramic, 6x6x6 inches

I made this vase when I was first learning to throw on a wheel. This piece started off as an experiment with raku to learn more about the technique. I enjoy raku because it is a more traditional way to fire ceramic pieces. 

Find me on Instagram @ArtsArum or on the web at https://katelynr545.wixsite.com/mysite

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