Katelyn Rinehart: A Closer Look

In this post I sit down with Katelyn Rinehart to ask a few questions about her work. You can also get a closer look at the pieces she included in the “Recent Grads” exhibit in the second video.

Information for each piece, listed in the order they appear.

“Organic Motion”, ceramic and underglaze, 2020, 10.5x17x5 inches, $700

“Waves”, ceramic and glaze, 2020, 6×10.5×5 inches, $80

One thought on “Katelyn Rinehart: A Closer Look

  1. Something about your ceramic work pulls me in. Perhaps it is the organic nature. They are both delightful pieces. The purple one is unique in that you applied an underglaze and then called it done. I like that because it really shows off the texture in a different way. Thanks for sharing your work K8lyn. You certainly have a talent.
    Lynn Walters,
    Class of 1973


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