Whitworth University 2020 Faculty Biennial

Gordon Wilson Part 2

Welcome back for part two of Gordon Wilson’s contribution to the exhibit.  I will be stepping aside once again and letting you enjoy his work and words.

Daily Greeting, Bolsena Fortress Castle, oil on linen, 2020, 30×36 inches

The current paintings were completed during an ongoing sabbatical making use of preliminary work completed on location in Italy and Germany. The paintings are the result of personal experience and response to specific places including reference to history and those living in those environments. Most of the work was completed in the studio and involves reordering and reflection on past images to better express the response to place.

Bride, Civita Bagnoregio 2 (Italy), oil on linen, 2020, 30×36 inches

As part of the sabbatical proposal, the work benefits from manipulating images as part of the process. This includes altering basic elements–contrast, color temperature and intensity.  Images, sometimes from different locations, are combined in many of the paintings to influence the composition of the final images and to express the intended meaning. 

Bride, Civita Bagnoregio 1 (Italy), oil on linen with photo transfer, 2020, 30×36 inches

I have been experimenting with photo transfer and trying to understand why a photo in a painting–particularly of a person, has the ability to create tension and content. I have 5 paintings currently in the Art Spirit Gallery small works exhibit, two contain photo transfers. I have other unfinished paintings with photo transfers. I would like to include two similar portraits in the same painting, one painted and one photo transfer. The process I have been using is an acrylic transfer using photos and acrylic polymer.

Orvieto from Clock Tower 1 (horizontal), oil on linen, 2020, 24×32 inches, $1000

All of the paintings included in this exhibit have been painted on canvases gifted to me by artist and mentor, Ben Moss. The canvases all came with some sort of surface preparation. Some were toned with a single color and others with textural brushstrokes in a variety of colors. In some the influence of this preliminary work was subtle while in others the preliminary brushstrokes and colors are evident in the finished paintings.

Thanks for joining us, and as a reminder, Gordon is represented by the Art Spirit Gallery in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.  You can see more of his work on their webpage.


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