Sean Jones Part 1

Hi, I’m Sean. I want to talk about my past and how it has shaped my art making in the present. I wasn’t always interested in graphic design, in fact, I made conscious decisions to get away from digital and fine art. When I was finishing up my last year in high school, I knew that I wanted to follow my passions and not just play it safe in college by getting a business degree. So, after a lot of contemplating, I decided to follow my passion in music and go to school for audio engineering. I was fortunate enough to get accepted to the audio engineering program at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I was ecstatic not only because I was going to music city, but also because I could finally take my music goals seriously. 

Arriving at Belmont University, 2018

This excitement was short-lived however because I quickly realized that Nashville was not my cup of tea. There were too many tall cowboy hats and too much honkey tonk music playing everywhere I went. After a lot of contemplating, I decided to move back home to Spokane and attend college at Whitworth University, my mother’s alma mater. Art making was something that I enjoyed and I thought I was good at, but I never really considered making a career out of it. Not until I saw Whitworth’s Art Department and all they had to offer. Even though I knew nothing about digital art, I decided to major in graphic design and start fresh. 

Interning at The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Artlab+, 2019

The number of metaphorical tools in my tool box has increased exponentially since beginning the graphic design program. Just two years ago, I couldn’t have told you what a layer mask is or what isometric design is. My time interning at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Art Museum and Sculpture Garden allowed me to contemplate themes in contemporary art and how I can incorporate some of those themes within my own work. I now feel much moreconfident in my work and what I produce and I can attribute that to the Art Department here at Whitworth. 

Some Goddamn Peace & Quiet, 2021, acoustic foam, heavy duty mic stand, plastic flowerpot, hardware, 84x74x25 inches (adjustable)

My focus now is on how I can blend what I have learned about audio with what I have learned about graphic design. My belief is that any work of art can be enhanced with the incorporation of audio and vice versa. Exploring this theme has led me down some interesting paths which I like to express in my work. The most recent theme which I am exploring is uncovering how technology can be beneficial as well as detrimental within daily life and our contemporary landscape. Specifically, the ethical implications of graphic design in modern advertising culture. My work “Some Goddamn Peace & Quiet” showcases this theme well and is the culmination of all of my knowledge and skills I have learned over the past five years. Audio, film, graphic design, and some aspects of fine art are all showcased within a minute and a half video and the accompanying object. 

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