Daly Derwenskus Part 1

My name is Daly Derwenskus, and I am studying Graphic Design with a minor in Visual Communication. A lot of my work as well as experience has been centered around website design. I chose Graphic Design because this was one of the areas I personally struggled with, and wanted to improve upon. The goal I have in mind is to be able to create my own graphics for my websites in the future. This can include banner designs, advertisement designs, and product thumbnails among other things. 

Kapaa High School E-commerce Website, 2019, Squarespace, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

This first piece was designed for Kapaa High School’s Athletics Department in Hawaii. It was a seasonal e-commerce site created on Squarespace with basic CSS integrations. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets that allows people to further design and style a website. It’s essentially the process of styling a canvas, or in this case a website. Because of how Squarespace can have limitations on what you can do, having CSS knowledge can be helpful. This website design project was completed while I interned at Osaki Creative Group and was my first client project for them. Throughout this project I was able to work with the other graphic designers who provided me with the logo for the project. I created the product shots, as well as other banner elements throughout the site. 

KHS Website Banner Design, 2019, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

This project was meant to reflect the High School’s brand image, as well as making it mobile responsive for the faculty, families, and students. The website URL I created was called “kapaawarriors.net” however it is no longer active. After completing this project, I found I had enjoyed doing both graphic design work as well as website design which helped push me in this direction. 

KHS Store Hat Mockup, 2019, Adobe Photoshop
KHS Store Hoodie Mockup, 2019, Adobe Photoshop

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