Emily Coy Part 1

Mask Selfie, 2020, linocut, 8×10 inches

Hello, friends! My name is Emily Coy. I am a painter, drawer, printmaker, and illustrator. In my work, I focus on place, memory, and time. I have found that it is important to me to try to authentically grasp the details of life around me before I forget them. While I am aware that forgetting parts of life is inevitable, there is still a yearning to record normalcy.  I try to focus on capturing the normal day-to-day because it can be easier to forget. When looking at my art, I want it to be a place of rest and reminiscence for the mind. 

November, 2020, 2020, linocut, 8×10 inches

I was privileged enough to be able to take Whitworth’s printmaking class. There I had access to the equipment needed to learn of my love for printmaking. I specifically grew attached to the linocut process. Each step is therapeutic in its intentional nature. I have also learned that I prefer bold colors, shapes and lines in my work because of their permanent and stable feel.  The linocut process lends itself well to creating this aesthetic. The ability to repeat an image satisfies my creative soul in ways I cannot fully understand. Through printmaking, I can create patterns that correlate tothe patterns I find in my life. The peaceful process, the boldness and the ability to create repetition are why I gravitate towards linocut printmaking. 

Fam Print, 2020, linocut, 14×11 inches

COVID-19 and all of itsrestrictions. I was learning what it meant to slow down, to pay attention and to breath. I have experienced a whole array of emotions being contained within a space. No one argues with the fact that being kept in one place for months on end comes with its challenges. There were some interesting things I learned about myself and those living with me as well. Living with seven other roommates during the fall, there would be plenty of times where we would gather in the living room, watching Harry Potter, doing homework, catching up, and I would be embroidering on this piece of printed fabric. Each section that is embroidered has a different memory attached to it. I remember a certain mood I was feeling while working on a certain area. This fabric is my diary for the Fall of 2020, stuck in my house, full of good, bad and in-betweens. 

Quarantined, 2020, linocut and embroidery on muslin fabric, 24×36 inches

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