Sean Jones Part 3

In this next blog post, I want to talk about my passion for audio and highlight some of my works which influenced my ideas. I started getting interested in making music around the age of 12 when I was learning about computers and all of the tools the internet had to offer. I stumbled onto an online program in which I could arrange certain sounds on a grid and have it play over a set amount of time. Soon, I was creating my own beats, and eventually those became songs. Around 14, I started listening to a lot of electronic music. I loved that with music, your mind could wander endlessly; but at the same time, I was in awe of fact that someone had created it. Someone could alter or mash or combine an infinite number of sounds to create something completely new. 

I soon wondered if I could create something like that, and after some research, I found a program called FL Studio. This program and others like it are called Digital Audio Workstations. D.A.W’s allow users to alter or create sounds with digital synthesizers and effects. The possibilities are almost endless, but I don’t want to get all nerdy about it, so I’ll leave it at that. Around the age of 17, I started releasing some of my beats on a website called SoundCloud so that I could share my work more. This motivated me to start taking my practice more seriously. 

Amplex Zeal EP (4 songs), 2020, FL Studio 20 and Adobe Illustrator

Click on the image above or use the following link to hear the music:

After getting some support from friends, I was feeling good about my music. So, when it was time to look for a college to attend, I decided to find a program in audio engineering and learn more about the music business. I chose to attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and it was great. I learned about recording technology, media and society, and temporal processing, but I missed my family in Spokane. The decision to move back home did not hold me back or deter me from making music. It just allowed me to focus on my other passion, graphic design. 

OOZE EP (2 songs), 2020, FL Studio 20

Click on the image above or use the following link to hear the music:

Attending Whitworth provided me with both an education in one of my passions, and the ability to be close to my family. While learning about art, I realized how similar art and music are to one another. I wanted to start integrating music into my artwork at Whitworth and during my Senior Seminar class in 2020, I was able to do just that with my “Amplex Zeal EP” project. In this project, I created a four track EP album and the accompanying album artwork. This project really allowed me to refine my skills as well as learn new ones in audio and graphic design. 

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