Emily Coy Part 3

Stay home, 2020, watercolor, 10×8 inches

Out of all of the media I currently work with, I have been painting for the longest amount of time, mainly acrylic and oil but more recently watercolor as well. Throughout high school and the first couple of years of college, I would strive for realism in my paintings. I wanted to capture accuracy in color, proportion, texture, and space. As my content developed, I have allowed myself to move away from realism in visual representation and focus more on composition. I wanted to elevate the “normal” parts of life and to do this, I decided to begin experimenting with cropping. I believe there is a connection between the visual aspect of cropping an image and the concept of being present to the small details surrounding me. In the process of creating my composition, I decide what to include and what to crop out. I think there is truth in snippets. All we have is our limited perspective but there is validity in our experiences. This is what I hope to convey. 

The Art Building, 2020, watercolor, 10×8 inches 
Courts, 2020, watercolor, 6×6 inches
Wash, 2020, watercolor, 6×6 inches
Water, 2021, acrylic, 24×12 inches

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