Kyle Smithgall Part 4

Abstraction and Illustration

Despite being in the Whitworth Art Department for only two years, I truly feel that my skill in design and illustration has improved significantly. One of the main benchmarks for my success is the incorporation of abstraction into my art. Geometric Portrait and Fruit Triptych are currently being exhibited in the Bryan Oliver Gallery, and are great examples of how my work has taken an abstract direction.

Geometric Portrait, 2020, Adobe Illustrator, size variable

The Geometric Portrait was my attempt at taking traditional “vector portraits” a step further. Each shape and color were meticulously altered to create its current appearance. I chose not to vectorize the hair of the figure, as the interplay of thenegative space between the two main forms allows for subjective interpretation by the viewer. I am pleased with the finished product and plan to create more illustrations using a similar technique. 

For my Fruit Triptych, the creative process was much more succinct. My process of abstraction considers both the color and form of each piece of fruit. The apple incorporated more rectangular shapes, the orange focused on curves and crescents, and the banana included both circular and square forms. After abstracting, I used a function in Adobe Illustrator to give the fruit a layered paper effect. I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to experiment and have fun with digital abstraction. 

Fruit Triptych: Apple, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, size variable
Fruit Triptych: Orange, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, size variable
Fruit Triptych: Banana, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, size variable

Find me on Instagram @kyles_illustrationsanddesign or on Redbubble at KyleSmithgall

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