Sophia Lizberg Part 4

This project was created to fulfill an assignment for Graphic Design II, Spring 2021. The brief required us to create a series of three posters: text dominant, image dominant, and text only. The content was up to us as long as it could be adapted to each format. My mom runs a summer camp in Idaho called Camp Rainbow Gold that serves children with cancer and their families. They recently acquired their own property that allows them to have a permanent home that can adequately serve their diverse set of needs. At campfires the kids sing a song that ends with them yelling “boom” and when it echoes back, they were told it was “the man in the mountain” yelling back at them. I chose to create this series of posters to advertise that “the man in the mountain” had moved with them to the new property, Hidden Paradise. 

The first poster is text dominant with imagery incorporated with it. I chose to stick with variations of green from the branding guidelines of Hidden Paradise. My style of overlapping text and image from the Whitworth A&D blog can be seen again in this poster. However, instead of cutting out parts of the words I changed the opacity and blending mode of the image so the color changes when it is over the darker text. 

Text Dominant Poster, 2021Adobe Illustrator12×18 inches

The second poster is text dominant. The goal for this one was to create the shape of a mountain side with the text. I accomplished this by changing the size and orientation of the text to create a ragged right side that resembles the side of a mountain. The font used throughout the poster series is from the Hidden Paradise branding guidelines. 

Text Only Poster, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, 12×18 inches

When giving the assignment, Professor Ben Necochea encouraged us to think about early forms of poster making and how our experiences in other classes could inform this project. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have found a love for printmaking this year. For my last poster I decided that I wanted to try making it using the latest form of printmaking I’d learned: screen printing. Doing this allowed me to blend my love of creating interesting layouts in my design work with the physical process of printmaking. The image dominant poster was created by making two screens. The first for the image on the bottom and the second for the text and illustration on top. Initially I kept the color palette to similar greens that I had been using in the digital posters.

Image Dominant Poster Version One, 2021, screen print on Stonehenge paper, 18×12 inches

Once I finished printing the green version I had set out to make, my printmaking Professor, Rob Fifield, asked me if I wanted to try something different with the rest of the prints. Of course, I said yes. We then added the process inks (magenta, cyan, and yellow) to the green ink I already had on the screen. Process inks are transparent and are typically layered over each other to create a full color image. The transparent nature of the inks allows them to mix and create new colors. As I pulled more prints using this mixture, the colors blended to create a pastel rainbow over the first image instead of the original green. While I hadn’t set out with this idea in mind, this version of the print ended up being my favorite of the two.

Image Dominant Poster Version Two, 2021, screen print on Stonehenge paper, 18×12 inches

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