Supersonica: Kayo Nakamura Part 1

The upcoming blog posts will take a closer look at one or more of the pieces from Supersonica. We will begin with Interruption #1.

Interruption #1, 2021, mixed media on paper, 5×16 feet (current arrangement)

Each post will provide a view of the entire arrangement, as well as images highlighting smaller sections and photos of individual pieces.

Kayo Nakamura’s Artist Statement: Drawing has always played an important role in my work. For me, everything I make begins with drawing. I can’t generate ideas without seeing them, so I always need to make them visible in order to get to the next step. This new body of work began as an experiment to capture as many ideas as possible the moment they broke. As I became more invested in these drawings, I began adding color and grew interested in the tension between the painted areas and the unpainted; the tension between finished and unfinished. These new drawings are an attempt to give space and intention to possibilities and hunches before they became stationary objects fixed in time.

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