Supersonica: Kayo Nakamura Part 2

Interruption #3, 2020-21, mixed media on paper, 4×13 feet (current arrangement)

Kayo was initially invited to exhibit in the Fall of 2020, however, due to the pandemic causing a certain amount of uncertainty, it was postponed for a year. During that time, she had to do what many of us did, and set up a studio at home. The drawings that we see in this exhibit are the product of a year and a half of working from home.

There are just over one hundred and fifty drawings in this exhibit. Though she had a couple of ideas about how the work could be displayed, it wasn’t until Kayo arrived in the gallery and laid out all the work that things really got going. Over the course of four days I would pop in to see how things were progressing. Early on it was just a matter of finding an organizational strategy and then getting the work off the floor and onto the walls. Once the work was taped up, the refining could happen. There was much movement of pieces from here to there as the groups slowly took on their finished shapes. Hopefully as you spend time with each of the different arrangements, you will start to pick up on the formal and thematic threads that weave their way through the whole exhibit.

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