Maya Markillie Part 1

Creation and Consumption, 2021, glass and weaving, 58x21x1 inches, $850

I am an environmental studies and 3-D art major at Whitworth! I was born in Hawaii and have lived my entire life, so I have witnessed first-hand some of the effects of climate change over my life. Therefore, much of my art is focused on environmental issues that I think need more attention, and I view the art that I make as environmental activism. However, I am also continuing to learn new glass and weaving techniques, so I also explore themes outside of the environmental art sphere.

For my first blog post, I thought I would explain the concept behind my piece Creation and Consumption which is being shown in the Senior Exhibition! The piece is made up of three panels with two being glass and the center one being a woven tapestry. I had an independent study in glass and weaving last semester where I focused on finding ways for tapestry weaving and glass fusing to interact! For the glass panels I tack fused brown sheet glass and murrine pieces that I made from glass cane I pulled from a vitrigraph kiln. I wove the tapestry line by line on my frame loom where I used wool and acrylic yarns along with hand dyed merino wool roving to get that chunkier texture. Playing with texture and exploring the ways that both these mediums can be displayed was an integral part of my process for this piece.

Creation and Consumption (detail)

Through my journey of learning how to fuse glass and through my process of becoming a self-taught weaver I continually fall into repetitive motions. Although both mediums are quite different in nature, the repetitive process of scoring, cutting, and grinding glass parallels really similarly with the repetitive process of weaving, cutting, and tying off the yarn in tapestry making. As I continued to do both of these repetitive processes I got into a groove where my mind was able to wander while my hands continued the work. Then, I began to think about the art-making process as a whole and how I am an artist who really values learning outside of the art making process which is why I am also double majoring in environmental studies. This idea of parallelism between my creative habits where I am in a mindset of making and then switching to the other side of consuming information and imagery inspired me to make this piece. The brown lines that flow across each panel represent those constant streams of creative and consumptive habits that are so integral to how I function. They both ebb and flow but continue to move together!

Creation and Consumption (detail)

Displaying these more complex ideas in abstract ways gives me a lot of freedom. Creation and Consumption have certainly led me down a path of making that I am excited to continue with!

Creation and Consumption (detail)

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