Rachel McCoy Part 1

Hello, my name is Rachel McCoy. I am pursuing Sculpture and Leadership in the Arts (Art Administration) at Whitworth University. I began my journey at Spokane Falls Community College. There I received my AFA, and then transferred over to Whitworth University. I originally wanted to pursue painting for my bachelor’s degree but changed my mind after I took a sculpture class and learned how to weld at SFCC. A switch flipped inside of me, and I suddenly wanted to learn all about sculpture.  

Heavy Metal, 2019, steel, cast iron and light bulb, 51x11x11 inches, made in sculpture class at SFCC
The Rift, 2020, steel, cast iron and enamel paint, 12x10x6 inches, made independently summer of 2020

 I also took a second sculpture class to learn how to bronze cast. However, because of the pandemic in 2020, I had to take the class online. Luckily, I still learned many techniques, and was able to cast a piece from a mold I made in the sculpture class last summer.  

Degradation, 2021, bronze, 4.5×3.75×3.75 inches, mold made in sculpture class in 2020 and cast summer of 2021

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