Levi Wilson Part 1: A Tale of Furby Art

Hi, I’m Levi and I’m a trans and queer artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. I used to work in primarily traditional media but have increasingly been using digital media for a lot of my paintings and illustrations. This is because it translates a lot more intuitively when it comes time to either post or incorporate it into design work. I also used to create a lot more portraits of people, but recently have been experimenting with content focused on animals, creatures, monsters, etc. as you can see from my Furby monsters series.

The Last Thing You See Before You Die, 2021, digital media, 11×16 inches
Uh Oh, 2021, digital media, 11×16 inches
Give ‘Em The ‘Ol Razzle Dazzle, 2022, digital media, 11×16 inches

I enjoy creating work for a wide variety of subjects and kinds of content but have gravitated toward the bizarre, humorous, and/or darker subject matter such as horror or the occult. In a similar vein, I also quite enjoy messing with religious imagery and twisting it into being something more blasphemous or sacrilegious because I find people’s interactions and reactions with that kind of content interesting.

Furby the Baptist, 2022, digital media, 11×16 inches
Madonna and Long Furby Child, 2021, digital media, 11×16 inches
Be Not Afraid, 2021, digital media, 11×16 inches

My affinity for depicting Furby faces on people or things that you wouldn’t expect and/or want to see them comes from a few things. First of all, I have had an inclination towards making humorous, bizarre, blasphemous, and/or mildly frightening content for a long time and this schtick within my recent art is just a natural outgrowth of that. What also kicked this off was a sketchbook assignment where I had to pick an object to draw different versions of, and I had been given a Furby not too long before. I wanted to choose that for the assignment because I enjoy Furbies and find people’s reactions to them amusing. I quickly began creating all sorts of weird Furby creatures, objects, and characters not too long after starting this assignment.

Sketchbook work, 2021, ink
Sketchbook work, 2021, ink

Another thing that led me to create this kind of work is that I have had a fascination for a bit with odd-body Furbies which are a fairly recent internet phenomenon where people attach Furby faceplates to various objects and materials. This is basically what I’ve made here and hope to continue to make in the future, just in 2D form. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, head to my instagram @leviathancrowart. 

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