Meredith Fultz Part 2

These images really showcase my printmaking abilities. Though I consider myself a painter, my prints are a huge part of my work, and often allow me to experiment with different art styles and concepts. 

One Day, 2021, linocut, 14×18 inches

This piece allowed me to explore the theme of time, a concept that I explore a lot in my work. Though there is prominent text in this piece, my main concern was to play with positive and negative space. 

Creation Monument 1 & 2 (Civilization and Time), 2021, screen print, 15×11 inches

This is my first piece in my Creation series. Before making this kind of art, all my art was representational, focusing mostly on portraiture. It wasn’t until I went on a trip to Seattle with the Art Department when I got the idea to make my Creation series. On the trip we went to the Asian Art Museum, and I got to see many artifacts, which deeply inspired me. Through this inspiration, I aim to make art that looks ancient and futuristic, allowing me to make my own artifacts. This has become my primary form of artmaking, and it has been extremely fulfilling.

Two Headed Cow, 2021, linocut, 9×12 inches

This piece is based on a poem by Laura Gilpin called Two-Headed Calf, a poem that encapsulates the feeling of peace before a catastrophe, and feelings of abnormality.

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