Dylan Griff Part 2: Cleanline Surf Co. Branding

This is an unofficial rebranding project based on Cleanline Surf Co. It demonstrates the clean, structured, and reliable nature of the company. As well as its commitment to good vibes and the stoke of board sports.

Cleanline Surf Co. Logo, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, size variable

Beginning with a rebrand of the company’s primary logo, I designed it with similar elements of the surf shop’s current logo while also giving it a new, fresh feel. The line work creates multiple ‘C’ shapes and a representation of a curling wave.

Cleanline Brand Guide, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, size variable
Cleanline Surf Co. Print Materials, 2021, printed card stock, screen printed shirt, screen printed magazine clippings, various sizes

Other components of this project show the potential for print media in their advertising and marketing. Some include screen printed t-shirts and promotional posters, as well as more pointed designs like the Cleanline Catalog which targets the shop’s audience by displaying their current selection of surfboards and other merchandise.

Cleanline Catalog, 2021, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate App, 8.5×11 inches closed
Cleanline Business Cards, 2021, Adobe Illustrator, printed on card stock, 3.5×2 inches

The business cards depart from the standard rectangular style and utilizes the semi-circle to enhance the logo design.

More work at www.dylangriffdesign.com

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