Maya Markillie Part 2

Rain, 2022, glass, 60x24x24 inches, $700

For this blog post I would like to explain what is going on in my second piece shown in the Myriad exhibit titled Rain. This artwork is made of sixty-five individual stained-glass raindrops suspended from a circular wood piece by fishing line. The process of creating this project in time for the show was a whirlwind!

Rain (detail), 2022, glass, 60x24x24 inches, $700

To be completely honest, the original idea behind this piece was to explore the concept of acid rain. As I worked on each individual raindrop, I found my intentions for the piece shifting. Although acid rain looks just like regular rain as it is falling, once I started to string the drops up, the piece read as “regular rain” to me. Although the piece turned into a celebration of the process of rain there are still important environmental implications included in this piece. Celebrating and educating about healthy natural processes is just as important as bringing attention to unhealthy ones when it comes to ending the climate crisis!

Rain (detail), 2022, glass, 60x24x24 inches, $700

The process of making each individual raindrop and then tying fishing line to every single one became extensive. I cut three pieces of glass for each raindrop, ground the edges, wrapped the edge of every piece in foil, and then soldered all of the edges. In total, that came out to a whopping 195 pieces of glass that made it to the final piece! I quickly got into the groove of the repetitive process, and began to marvel at how it takes us so much effort to reproduce naturally occurring processes. Regular processes that occur all around us in nature that we don’t really think about like plant growth, snow, and wind are the products of so many factors I never think about. It was nice to slow down and consider how incredible it is that we are living in a world that is so naturally interconnected. 

Rain (detail), 2022, glass, 60x24x24 inches, $700

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