Rachel McCoy Part 2

My sculpture has taken many forms. At SFCC my sculpture focused on geometric shapes, formalism, and metaphor. When I began to learn new mediums at Whitworth, my 3D works returned to combining representational and abstracted forms. I found myself drawn to animals. In my ceramic hand building class, we were given a prompt to combine two ideas or animals/creatures together to form one using the slab technique. I was at a loss what to do. Then I remembered some encounters my friend and I had with both sting rays and skates (a type of fish) in North Carolina. Inspired by those events and my fear of sharks and awe of whales, I created two pieces, focusing on abstraction, color, texture, pattern, and variety.  

Ray, 2021, ceramic, 3x9x6 inches, multiple views of Ray, a piece inspired by NC encounters
Whale, Shark, or Something Else?, 2021, ceramic, 5x13x6.5 inches, multiple views of Whale, Shark, or Something Else?, inspired by a whale shark and a hammerhead

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