Rachel McCoy Part 3

Since I began my journey as an artist many years ago, I have been continually experimenting with supernatural themes in my art. In my Angel Series I explore what these supernatural, spiritual beings may look like. This series was originally inspired by the biblical Lady Wisdom, who is the personification of God’s wisdom as a female entity. I created Lady Wisdom in my ceramic hand building class and decided to continue exploring physical representations of what angels could look like outside of class. The result was the Guardian and the Warrior. All three make up my current Angel Series, which I plan to add to in the future.  

Lady Wisdom, 2022, ceramic, 12x12x5.5 inches, multiple views of Lady Wisdom, first in the Angel Series
Warrior, 2022, ceramic and feathers, 11.5x12x6 inches, multiple views of Warrior, second in the Angel Series
Guardian, 2022, ceramic and feathers, 10.5x11x5.5 inches, multiple views of Guardian, third in the Angel Series

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