Gracie Rasmussen Part 4

For the last post, I am throwing it back to my roots. Before I get too much into explaining the pieces, I want to give you the chance to know a little more about me! I was raised in a town called Turner, which is a small farming community in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I was raised in a family that loves each other and loves Jesus even more. My dad, Pete, is the principal of the high school in our town and my mom, Kathleen, is the family advocate for the district. They are not only my parents, but also the people that I look up to the most. They taught me to be strong, to stand up for what I believe in, and most importantly, they led me to the Lord, which is why I will forever be grateful for them both. I am the oldest of three; Brady and Brooks are my two teenage brothers. Although I cried when they were born because they weren’t the sisters I wanted, I can say that God definitely knew what He was doing. They drive me up a wall sometimes, but at the end of the day, I know they will always be my biggest protectors and best friends. They will be a freshman in college and junior in high school next year. 

I have always been a free spirit. I am my best self when I am creating.  My attraction to small town living that shows up in both my fashion and photography not only emerges from my upbringing, but also my love of music from the south… country with heart, folk, and soul. Like many girls, I grew up dreaming of being on a big stage with a microphone in my hands. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, that this girl never stops singing. So, when I was first told about Nashville, “Music City USA”, I set my sights on getting there. From singing at sporting events, to taking voice lessons, to recording in the studio with my talented, song writing aunt, I have never stopped dreaming about life in the south. The simplicity of life in Tennessee is something that I try to capture in my design work as well. Whether through my western denims or photoshoots out in a cornfield, I try to envision what that world might look like. 

So, if you take anything away from this, hopefully you see that I am dreamer. I like to capture the simplest moments that this world has to offer. The elegance of our country and the importance of family and faith is often overlooked, so it is my hope to slow down and help others notice the beauty that surrounds us all. I believe this last set that I am showing you, does just that. Meet Jackie, a girl who loves Jesus, loves people, and shines the brightest light I’ve ever seen.

Jackie, 2021, photography, 8×10 inches
Jackie, 2021, photography, 8×10 inches
Jackie, 2021, photography, 8×10 inches
Jackie, 2021, photography, 10×8 inches
Jackie, 2021, photography, 8×10 inches

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