Delayna Waite Part 4: Eagle Naz Social Media Graphics 2022

After graduation this month, I will be starting as the marketing and communications coordinator at Eagle Nazarene, a large church in Eagle, Idaho. A large portion of my responsibilities will include developing event and sermon series graphics, then promoting them on social media. For this reason, I decided to use this spring to get some practice in making templates for events with my focus on keeping the design consistent between formats.

Palm Sunday Announcement, 2022, post and story size

I started these designs a few weeks before Easter, so I thought it would be fitting to promote special services like Palm Sunday and Easter – that often attract more visitors than a typical Sunday. I wanted to steer away from the traditional pastel colors associated with Easter, which is why for the Palm Sunday graphics I went with a deep forest green paired with gold type. 

Easter Sunday Announcement, 2022, post and story size

For the Easter Sunday post, I wanted to keep the layout consistent with that of Palm Sunday to visually show that they are related. I chose to use a light yellow as the primary color in these graphics to represent the happiness and light felt on this holiday.

Men’s Breakfast Template, 2022, post and story size

Next, I wanted to develop templates for a few of the different ministries that have events occurring throughout the year. Because these events are not on a routine schedule, I left placeholders for the date and time so I can easily update and post them when they go on the calendar. For the men’s breakfast, I chose a simple line illustration with warm color blocks paired with an old-style typeface. The typeface conveys a steady and more masculine feel while the illustration shows the lightheartedness of the event itself.

Women’s Bible Study Template, 2022, post and story size

The last template I made was for the women’s Bible study. The illustration style is very light and airy, and paired with a cool color palette conveys the comfort and peace that should be felt in these small groups. I chose to use a lightweight script font as another way to appeal to the female audiences who will be the main target of this post. 

In addition to both post and story size graphics, I also developed a splash screen or title slide size for each of these events that would be added to the pre and post service announcements on the large screen in the sanctuary. Through working with these graphics and problem solving to make strong designs in each size format, I feel well prepared going into my job this summer.

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