Delayna Waite

Part 1

Hello! My name is Delayna Waite, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Eagle, Idaho. I’ve had a passion for art from a young age, seeking to create things simply to bring a smile to others faces. When I am is not making art or playing softball, I love spending with friends and family, baking, watching movies, playing card games, or participating in outdoor recreation activities like paddle boarding or wake surfing. Inspiration for my illustrations and design work often come from nature, children, and my faith. These three things are what give me life as an artist. I find it easy to draw upon the hope brought through faith, the playful innocence of a child, and the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Active ABC’s, 2021-22, digital illustration (Procreate and Adobe Illustrator), poster size: 20×36 inches

A large portion of my most recent work has been inspired by my passion to provide children’s educators with new and fun learning material to use in either therapy or classroom settings. These Active ABC’s are an exciting and interactive way for children to engage in learning the alphabet. By pairing unique verbs with bright colors and personified inanimate objects, it makes the letters both memorable and repeatable, while also encouraging children to perform some of the actions. 

My purpose in creating these illustrations as individual squares is to make them usable in a variety of formats based on what the educator’s needs might be. Here, it can be seen as a poster, but other format options could include canvas prints around a classroom, flashcards, or an alphabet book.

Active ABC’s, 2021-22, digital illustration (Procreate and Adobe Illustrator), size variable
Active ABC’s, 2021-22, digital illustration (Procreate and Adobe Illustrator), size variable
Active ABC’s, 2021-22, digital illustration (Procreate and Adobe Illustrator), size variable

As I continue exploring the many directions that children’s illustration can take, my hope is to fill rooms with smiles, laughs and a joy that reflects the good in the world.

For more content and personal information, visit my portfolio site at

Part 2

Daily Task Sequencing Cards, 2021, Procreate digital illustration, 5×5 inches printed

As I began to think about other possibilities for implementing illustration into resources for children, I had a neat conversation with my mom, a speech language pathologist. She works primarily with children under the age of 8, many of whom have developmental delays or cognitive disabilities. This was during the time when many of her therapy sessions had been pushed online because of Covid, and she had been looking for resources to use online. There are a few sites with available material, but many of the illustrations there are outdated or basic clipart. That is what inspired me to create these sets of sequencing cards.

Daily Task Sequencing Cards, 2021, Procreate digital illustration, 5×5 inches printed

Each set of illustrations provides simple step by step images that a child will be asked to arrange in order from start to finish. I chose to illustrate basic daily tasks that a child might need to perform so that it would not only be something relatable to converse about, but something that will become memorable when the child faces that problem in real life. To make these cards a successful learning tool for both language skills and problem solving, I created illustrations simple enough for a child to understand, but captivating using fun characters and bold color to hold attention and promote conversation. 

Daily Task Sequencing Cards, 2021, Procreate digital illustration, 5×5 inches printed

I designed these cards with the intent for them to be able to fit both print and digital needs. By uploading individual illustrations to sites like Boom Learning, it makes card decks available for teachers and therapists to download and use directly in virtual classrooms. Print versions of the cards are laminated and can be manually manipulated by the child as they work to arrange the cards in order as opposed to the click and drag method used virtually. 

Daily Task Sequencing Cards, 2021, Procreate digital illustration, 5×5 inches printed

While children’s illustration has been my primary interest and focus, and what I see myself continuing long term, I also enjoy more traditional graphic design, which is what you will see in my upcoming posts.

For more content and personal information, visit my portfolio site at

Part 3: Butter and Batter Branding

Butter & Batter is a fictional company that I came up with to use as a client for my semester-long branding project. It is similar to a Hello Fresh, but strictly for baking and dessert recipes. Each baking box would include all of the pre-measured ingredients and a step-by step direction card for someone to easily bake their recipe. Butter & Batter is meant to appeal to many audiences, but primarily young people or busy moms who enjoy baking but don’t have the time to devote to shopping for and measuring out their own ingredients.

When designing this logo and brand, I wanted it to feel homemade to represent the feeling of an old family recipe, but still clean and sharp enough to show the quality of the ingredients the customer would be paying for. With this in mind, I hand lettered the logo and paired it with a typestyle that feels handwritten as well. On the wordmark form of the logo, the outer circle varies in weight to capture this hand-drawn feeling as well. When choosing colors for the brand, I chose a warm cream tone paired with a mauve/brown because they feel both clean and give the warm feeling that a sweet dessert would remind you of. The accent colors of light pink and sage green complement the primaries while keeping the tone of the brand light – evoking the joy that homemade desserts bring. 

Butter & Batter Branding Booklet, 2021, Digital Print, 7×8.5 inches folded

Shown above is the final booklet including each of the elements of this branding project. I chose to make the booklet unique by using a partial cutout of the logo on the front cover. The shape of the cutout also resembles a bite – further contributing to the feel of a bakery inspired brand. This booklet has tabs for each of the following: logo and brand identity, print advertisements, web design, and social media, each of which will be outlined throughout this post. 

Butter & Batter Magazine Ads, 2021, Digital Prints, 17×11 inches full page spread

After I established the logo, the next step was to create three print advertisements. The assignment was to have these ads work together as a set, but fit different sizes – one full page spread, one half page ad and one quarter page. For this particular set of layouts, I decided to focus primarily on type – having the company slogan be what draws the viewer in through the use of alliteration.

Butter & Batter Menu Flyer, 2021, Digital Print, 8.5×11 inches

As a continuation of the print advertisements, I decided to create a flyer of popular menu items. The outside of this folded flyer has space for mailing information and the inside includes icons I illustrated for each type of dessert represented on the menu.

Butter & Batter Website Mockup, 2021

Next, I took the brand into web design. I used Adobe InDesign to create mockups for what the home page, product pages, and a checkout page would look like. I then imported the design into Adobe XD to prototype what clicking and navigating between pages would look like on the web.

Butter & Batter Social Media Templates, 2021

Social media was the last step in this brand identity project. I created several templates for the company for events like new product launches, discounts, and flavor of the month. This would make it easy for whoever is managing the social media to simply switch images and text into the layout as events come up. For each “event” there is a post and a story size, but the design is consistent between the two. 

The last part of this project inspired me to continue in creating social media templates. I currently help a few companies back home run their Instagram and Facebook accounts, so I decided to get ahead on a few of the upcoming events by creating social media posts consistent with the brand. I will use these as I transition into my full-time job with the company this summer.

For more content and personal information, visit my portfolio site at

Part 4: Eagle Naz Social Media Graphics 2022

After graduation this month, I will be starting as the marketing and communications coordinator at Eagle Nazarene, a large church in Eagle, Idaho. A large portion of my responsibilities will include developing event and sermon series graphics, then promoting them on social media. For this reason, I decided to use this spring to get some practice in making templates for events with my focus on keeping the design consistent between formats.

Palm Sunday Announcement, 2022, post and story size

I started these designs a few weeks before Easter, so I thought it would be fitting to promote special services like Palm Sunday and Easter – that often attract more visitors than a typical Sunday. I wanted to steer away from the traditional pastel colors associated with Easter, which is why for the Palm Sunday graphics I went with a deep forest green paired with gold type. 

Easter Sunday Announcement, 2022, post and story size

For the Easter Sunday post, I wanted to keep the layout consistent with that of Palm Sunday to visually show that they are related. I chose to use a light yellow as the primary color in these graphics to represent the happiness and light felt on this holiday.

Men’s Breakfast Template, 2022, post and story size

Next, I wanted to develop templates for a few of the different ministries that have events occurring throughout the year. Because these events are not on a routine schedule, I left placeholders for the date and time so I can easily update and post them when they go on the calendar. For the men’s breakfast, I chose a simple line illustration with warm color blocks paired with an old-style typeface. The typeface conveys a steady and more masculine feel while the illustration shows the lightheartedness of the event itself.

Women’s Bible Study Template, 2022, post and story size

The last template I made was for the women’s Bible study. The illustration style is very light and airy, and paired with a cool color palette conveys the comfort and peace that should be felt in these small groups. I chose to use a lightweight script font as another way to appeal to the female audiences who will be the main target of this post. 

In addition to both post and story size graphics, I also developed a splash screen or title slide size for each of these events that would be added to the pre and post service announcements on the large screen in the sanctuary. Through working with these graphics and problem solving to make strong designs in each size format, I feel well prepared going into my job this summer.

For more content and personal information, visit my portfolio site at

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